My Surtex Banners – Specs & Printing

June 7, 2013

I received quite few compliments and questions regarding my Surtex 2013 exhibit banners. I was super pleased with how they looked and even more impressed with how easy they were to set up. This blog is for those of you who wanted the nitty-gritty details…

DISCLAIMER: Please refer to the size specifications provided by Surtex. DO NOT blindly use the size specifications provided below. They worked beautifully for me but things change from year to year. Measure twice cut once as they say. Double and triple check your own measurements against those provided by Surtex.

Here is a reminder of the finished look of my booth at Surtex 2013:

My first time exhibiting at Surtex 2013, Booth #764.

Banner Sizes

After several emails back and forth with Nicole Tamarin and B.J Lance I decided to size my banners using the “Inside Edge” specification provided by Surtex. This made it so my banners fit perfectly just inside the metal edges that separate each panel.

B.J. suggested I bring a metal edge ruler and an X-Acto knife in case I need to trim the edges. I brought both but luckily never needed them.

Specifications from Surtex 2013:


I reserved an 8 x 10 three-side booth. For this, I designed and printed seven “A” banners, two “B” banners and one logo banner for the front of my counter. However, I ended up with a sweet corner booth, which meant I didn’t need two of my A banners, was short one B banner and suddenly needed a D banner. In a MacGyver moment, we cut up the “extra” A banners to create a third B banner for the thin panel that is on the exterior side of the booth (apple motiff) and a D banner for the side of my counter (cow).


Design Files

I designed the banners in Adobe Photoshop, full size, at 300 dpi, CMYK. The files were huge! The largest was 1.75GB and the smallest was 709MB. I saved each file as a full PSD. I created a copy, then flattened each file, which greatly reduced the file size. I saved the ten flattened PSD files to an external hard drive and hand delivered it to my local FedEx Office for printing.

Surtex Banner Printing

I had the banners printed at FedEx Office on “Indoor Gloss Banner” stock.  The 10 banners cost $958.89. To the touch, the stock felt like heavy gloss paper but the rep at FedEx tells me it’s actually a type of vinyl paper. The 10 banners were tightly rolled into a tube for easy travel. Once pulled out of tube they unrolled perfectly flat, no curling whatsoever! This also made them extremely easy to handle and hang. We hung the banners with Command Poster Strips. We used eight packages of Command Poster Strips (I brought 20, lol!): 10 strips per A poster, 8 per B poster, 6 for C, and 4 for D.

It was my first time using Command Poster Strips and I have to say I was totally impressed. They really stick and hold the posters up tightly and nicely.

Setup Time

I allowed three hours to “assemble” the booth. It took half that time (1.5 hrs)! It really was an incredibly easy and quick setup process. Taking the banners down and unsticking the strips was a breeze as well.

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  • Sarah Hudock

    “MacGyver moment” LOL – you are too funny! Natalie, THANK you for this extremely helpful look into what it takes to exhibit – this is exactly the kind of detailed explanation that really, really helps a newbie out.

    • NatalieTimmons

      I really owe the MacGyver moment to my booth partner Sharon Marston – it was her brainstorm. I just wielded the scissors 🙂

  • Adri H

    This is so extremely helpful, Natalie! Last year, I came upon your cost estimate sheet, and then this year, I’m exhibiting for the first time with my collective (Finch & Foxglove), and in searching for counter height and panel specs, once again your blog came up as an invaluable resource for first-time exhibitors! Thanks again for sharing… and hopefully after our first show, I can post a similar resource for collectives (because it’s still expensive!). 😀