How to Create a Killer Sell Sheet for Artists

November 14, 2012

A free eGuide on How to Create Killer Sell Sheets for ArtistsAfter an agent complimented me on the professionalism and quality of my sells sheets, it dawned on me that what I’ve learned about creating sell sheets might be helpful to other artists. In that spirit, I created a free eGuide called, “How to Create a Sell Sheet for Artists.”

I’m not an expert in art licensing. I’m actually new to the industry. However, I do have 28-years experience in marketing communications. I’ve created hundreds of literature items, including brochures, catalogs, direct mail, print ads, and yes, product sell sheets. In addition, I’ve gleaned valuable information through some great coaching by Tara Reed, blog articles by Joan Beiriger and Kate Harper, as well as posts from many artists and agents on the Art of Licensing LinkedIn group.

The eGuide is a compilation of what I’ve learned. Since artists are predominately visual, I tried to keep the guide mostly visual. I anticipate this will be a “living” document and that it will grow and evolve as our industry does.

How is an Artist Sell Sheet Unique from other Sell Sheets?

Creating a sell sheet for a product like printed circuit boards is quite a bit a different than creating a sell sheet for art that goes on products. In both instances, the purpose of the sell sheet is the same – promote the product.

However, the presentation of the two is quite different. With product sells sheets, words and images are used to promote the key benefits of the product. With artist’s sell sheets the presentation is almost 99% imagery.

How do you promote the key benefits of your art to a manufacturer without words?

The answer is breathtakingly simple – you SHOW them! This is why creating mockups and displaying your art in various orientations (horizontal, vertical, square, round, etc.) is so important. It shows manufacturers how irresistible their products will look with your art on it.

There is no cookie-cutter formula for creating sell sheets. You have a lot of flexibility in how you design one. However, there are key elements that every sell sheet should have. Download and read the free How to Create a Sell Sheet for Artists eGuide to learn more – and if you like what you read, feel free to pass the link ( onto a friend or share it on your blog, FaceBook or Twitter feed.

Got a Great Sell Sheet?

Got a great art licensing sell sheet? Email me a JPG or PDF and I’ll post in on my blog with a link back to your website.


  • This is a great, fun and easy read, yet very informative, loaded with real usable tips for Artists and anyone else in the licensing industry. Natalie Timmons discusses the importance of Mock ups and the ways to incorportate them in to Your Designs. A must read for all Artists interested in selling their Art!

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    This is a “work of art” ! And a “must have” for anyone interested in art licensing. Thanks very much for sharing. Pat

  • Phenomenal. Not overly-complex, straightforward, and easily doable. My anxiety level just dropped. Thanks for this fantastic advice.

    • Hi John, Happy to hear it’s a stress-reliever too 🙂 Glad you liked it. Natalie

  • Thanks, Natalie. How generous of you to provide this beautiful and valuable booklet. I’ve been combing the internet to find exactly what I was looking for, and here it is!

  • Sorry, Natalie. I provided the wrong spelling of my new website and address.

  • Hi Natalie, it’s great to meet you! I posted the following comment under your post in Linkedin, and thought I’d do it here too. Wow!! Thank you so much for your generosity, and for sharing your genius with us. I’ve been in the licensing industry for some time, and obtaining more knowledge and learning from others experienced in the field is something that an artist can never take for granted, and must always use in bettering themselves in this industry. Thank you, thank you for being a wonderful Asset!! Here’s to your creative genius and success, my friend!

    • Elisabeth, thank you for such wonderful compliments. I’ve found the art licensing industry to be filled with many generous souls who share their wisdom and experience. The eGuide is my way to “pay it forward” and pass on the gifts I’ve received. I wish you great success as well!

  • Thank you so much Natalie for publishing such a nice eGuide and for including my tearsheet! I’ll post it on my blog, The Moon from My Attic under the Resource Page and link to you! – Alex

  • Hello Natalie,
    Wow, very kind and generous of you to share this info.
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  • Thanks for this great guide. You are very generous to share this. Many pandas dance and sing your praises!

  • Thank you so much for providing this information. Being able to see how an established licensing artist presents their work is something I have been trying to find for some time and you explained it so well. It is a perfect guideline to reference when needed. I found this article about you through Tara Reed’s blog and I will now book mark your site as well. Thank you again it is the little nudge I needed to begin.

    • leap4joy

      Hi Debra, I’m glad you found the eGuide helpful. Good luck with fine tuning your own!

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH! This was such a great find! I am an artist just now discovering the concept of licensing my work and your post is just what I needed! Thank you again!!

    • leap4joy

      Hi Jennifer, You’re welcome – I’m happy to hear you find the eGuide helpful. Good luck on your journey.

  • Thanks so much!
    I’ve been laying out sales sheets for the past couple of days, this has been super helpful 🙂 You rock!

    • Thank you Anna. I hope your sell sheets come out terrific and attract new business!

  • Great information, very generous of you putting it together and let us share it.
    Happy holidays and happy 2013

  • Truly the information is a masterpiece. It has served me in a number of ways regarding sell sheets. Thanks very much for sharing.

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    Thanks for taking the time to explain this process. Very generous. We are new to the business, and this was so helpful.

    • Theresa, I’m glad you found it helpful. Good luck to you!

  • Tracy Campbell

    Hi Natalie,
    Thank you so much for offering this free e-book.
    It’s exactly what I was looking for!
    I read your bio and saw that you started out as a decorative artist and that you ride a Harley. That’s two things we have in common. Okay, I just ride on the back of my hubby’s decker. 🙂

    • NatalieTimmons

      Tracy, I’m happy to see you found the eGuide. I visited your site and I like your sweet and happy folk art. Be sure to send me a before and after of your sell sheet if you update it.

      And, I found a third thing we have in common! I too love interior decorating. Although you’re a pro and I’m just a dabbler.

      • Tracy Campbell

        Hi Natalie,
        I’d love to share a sell sheet, once I do one. 🙂
        Thanks for your kind words about my art and for taking the time to view it.
        Ah, three things. 🙂 Interior decorating is just another extension for us creative folks.